Used a shared office space for your overflowing employees

Are you running out of space in your small office for all of the extra interns this summer?  Or are you looking to find space for a few of your freelance workers that are just around part-time?  Don’t keep cramming your employees into smaller and smaller cubicles because you can’t afford a bigger space.  There is a much more reliable and cost effective solution to this problem: shared office space.

It’s great that you have your own leased space and you can afford to hire on more staff and take on more interns – that means your business is growing!  But you might not be at the point where you can upgrade to a larger office, or you just might not want to make that move so quickly.  Again, the answer is to rent some shared office space.  A shared office, also called a coworking space, was tailored for the independent contractor or small home business owner who occasionally needed access to an office.  For those who don’t have whole offices set up in their homes, this would give them access to scanning and printing, a landline to use for business, and best of all the coworking space where networking happens on the daily.  For those times when you have extra interns or employees, you can rent out some space from a shared office.  These days as long as you  have the internet, you can get just about anything done.

Your shared space solution is finally here. When you rent space with Office Evolution Greenwood Village, you can have it all for yourself and for your employees. The facilities at Office Evolution are state of the art and provide every possible thing you can think of for an office. If you have been looking for the perfect spot that is affordable for your workers to use, you can stop looking. Coworking spaces are relatively new, but have really increased in popularity recently. They are intended to be a spot for the flexible worker to get things done whenever they can. Shared office spaces are also called coworking spaces because of the type of environment provided. There are of course private desks with peace and quiet if a person really needs to think, but there are also larger spaces with group desks and tables where workers can collaborate and interact if they want. Coworking spaces have proven to be valuable in several ways. Educational opportunities are created across company lines and across business lines that are favorable for all parties. At first, many employers didn’t realize that an asset a coworking space would be – they thought it was just a big room where everyone did their own thing. But now that companies and business owners are realizing that coworking spaces are more than just a place to work, they are office evolution greenwood villagepurposefully placing their independent contractors and freelancers there to seize the networking opportunities. You can take a tour of the facilities at Office Evolution Greenwood Village to see how it can truly help your company grow, no matter what stage of development you are in. Take a look at the different working scenarios that your employees would thrive in. You can also talk about rental pricing while you’re there to sew what works best for your situation. Plus, you can see how much money you will be saving by having your employees somewhere that you don’t have to cover. When I say cover I mean things like amenities, supplies, electric and gas bills, cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance. That is all included in your rate, and it is far less cheaper than what you would pay on your own in a leased building.

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