What is good public relations?

There is often a misconception about public relations- company’s always want their customers and stakeholders to see their company in a positive way. Here are some points about good public relations:
  • Be transparent: If you have things to hide, you risk those bubbling to the surface and causing bad PR for your business. It is important when thinking about implementing a public relations strategy to think about transparency. Being transparent will keep your stakeholders happy and will improve the public’s perception of your business. You shouldn’t have anything to hide!
  • Tell people what they need to know, now what they want to hear: Crafting your content so that it speaks to people and gets them excited about your company is important, but you also need to make sure you’re telling people what they need to know, not just what they want to hear. Many marketing plans that focus too much energy and attention putting together materials to sell their products, but not successfully communicating that product are not good for business. Make sure that you are putting forth honest and reliable materials- you want people not just to engage with your marketing materials, but also be pleased when they decide to use your goods or services. You can write a great marketing campaign, but if you do not accurately describe the product and tell people what they need to no about it, your customers will be disappointed and this is bad PR.
  • Build a sustainable strategy: Good public relations plans do not just focus on one specific event, but they are focused on building support over time. Growing a customer base that supports your business will grow your company in a positive way. Focus on retaining long term customers and having a company culture that puts those customers first. A business is nothing if they do not have some type of loyalty, and this doesn’t come without some work going into it.
  • How you respond to a crisis: Being responsive to crisis situations is an important part of a PR strategy. Crises arise, whether you want them too or not. It may be something minor, like negative reviews circulating about a product or experience, or it could be something major like a recall of a product or something that could potentially harm someone. Whether minor or major, the way your business reacts and responds is very important. This is why crisis management should be part of a good public relations strategy.
  • Focus on relationships: When planning a PR strategy, think about who you know and how you can foster and leverage those relationships. Having a good relationship with certain people (for example, with people in the media), can be very beneficial for a public relations campaign. Leveraging relationships with people who are influential can help your company gain credibility and can help to make people perceive your company in a certain way.
There are many ways to go about incorporating public relations into your business. You can hire a public relations agency to come in and help, or you can get together with your employees and launch a strategy on your own. Either way, it is important to think about public relations and how you can leverage certain things to help your companies image.

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