Wohrman Dental Group is a dental agency which specializes in urgent care dental work in our area. The dental agency has seen a steady incline in the number of patients which it sees over the past five years, an increase so drastic that they have been obliged to hire several new dentists and other staff members in order to keep up with all the work that keeps on coming in. The Wohrman group is not alone in the demand which they have been seeing either, as emergency dental field all across the state has reported significant spikes in the number of patients that are calling upon their service. In this article, using information provided to us by www.wohrmandentalgroup.com, we explore the reasons why the urgent care dental field has so many patients today.

One of the primary reasons why more people are relying on emergency dental services today is due to the fact that regular dentists have stopped seeing their patients outside of normal business hours, even in urgent dental situations. In the past, there were far fewer dentists working in this country, and by past we mean just a few decades ago. The fewer number of dentists meant that the dentists that were working had a wider range of responsibilities. Many subgenres of dentistry which exist today, had to all be covered by the general dentists before. Once the emergence of specialized fields began to appear, fields such as emergency dentists, traditional dentists began to leave behind some of the work they were forced to do in the past when fewer dentists could be called upon. This is actually a good thing when one takes into consideration the fact that emergency dentists have a specialized training which makes them better adapted to their field. An emergency dentist knows how to handle dental situations with less preparation than the traditional dentist.

Sadly, another of the main reasons why emergency dentists are in such high demand today is that oral health practices have fallen over the years in our country, resulting in more frequent and more serious dental issues. The principal factor for the decline in oral health in recent times has been the massive increase in the consumption of foods and beverages with high sugar content. People just have no idea how horrible consuming sugar is for their teeth, and that high sugar consumption can lead to weakened teeth which give way unexpectedly and break. A broken tooth comes with the high probability that the patient will have to make an emergency trip to the urgent care dentist. On top of consuming sugary beverages, people have also adapted the habit of eating things which are too hard for the human tooth to withstand. Chewing ice is a horrible habit which millions of us practice, and again which could lead to broken teeth and call to an emergency dentist. It is really important for people to start taking better care of their teeth, because while we are lucky enough to have such outstanding access to emergency dentist, even they would prefer to see us less.

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