Window Cleaning: What Not to Do

window washersHaving clean windows can make your home look brand new. Windows that are streak free and that have no dust or debris on them allow lots of light into the home, which is a huge asset. It can be tricky, however, to get your windows as clean as you want them to be. It can take time and effort and if you are not experienced, you may use the wrong techniques. This is why many people choose to hire companies that specialize in this, but if you want to do the window cleaning yourself, we have some suggestions as to what you should not do.

  • Drip Dry: It is very common for people to clean their windows and then allow them to drip dry. This is not a good idea. It can leave streaks behind, making all of your hard work worthless. If you want your windows to look their best, you want to dry them with a cloth, not allow them to drip dry.
  • No Hard Sponges: If you use sponges to clean your windows, it is important not to use hard ones. For regular sponges, do not use the side that is rough, since this can scratch the glass. Always use soft sponges that leave no marks behind when window cleaning.
  • Wrong Liquids: To have the best cleaning experience, it is important to know that not all cleaners are appropriate for glass. Some of them may say multi-purpose, but it is best to choose an option that is specifically made for glass and windows. This will ensure that the cleaner does not leave marks and that it does not damage the window.
  • Order of Windows: It is important to remember that liquid will drip down when you clean the windows on your second story. If you clean the windows on the first story first, you might get them splashed with water and will have to wipe them again. This is why starting with the windows on the second story, if you have one, is important. Do not do the same work twice!
  • No Rushing: Cleaning windows effectively cannot be done in a rush. It requires you to take time and wipe clean each pane of glass so that no streaks are left behind. This is why many people choose to hire companies that specialize in this, since they are experts and know just how to get the job done correctly.

Unless you have lots of time and you are willing to put in a lot of hard work, it is best to leave windows to window washers. They know just what products to use and they can get the job done much more efficiently than you can. A company like Sonlight Window Cleaning can be the perfect option, since they offer quality services for rates that are very competitive. If you do still want to do the job yourself, take the time to learn about the best techniques available to get the work done correctly and without hassle.

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